No money, mo’ problems: Loose Ends

If you can get this guy to perform your ceremony, that would be awesome. He’s probably really expensive though, those crazy fancy hats don’t grow on trees, you know. In my professional opinion, he would be worth taking out a loan and feeding your guests Ramen.

Ceremony — 2%: site fee, officiant fee or donation, misc.

This is going to be an expense that depends on where you want to have your ceremony, and who you’d like to officiate it. Having your ceremony and reception in the same place is an easy way to cut costs on decor and the extra space. If having your ceremony in a church is something important to you, you’ll have to pay for it, and figure out a reception space as well.

Churches and traditional officiants will charge you a fee. An easy way around this is to have a friend or family member ordained to perform your ceremony at your reception space. Having a friend or relative officiate can be a really touching gesture, as long as the officiant in question doesn’t think they’re soooo funny.

Wedding Rings — 2%: bride’s ring, groom’s ring.

I understand why this is included in the budget breakdown, but it almost feels like something separate. You’ll pay for each other’s rings, and you should start setting money aside for them as soon as you get engaged. Luckily, good men’s rings can be found for really great prices. Again, try Etsy. There are lots of gorgeous titanium and silver men’s rings from vendors on Etsy for less than $100. As for your ring, chances are a band came with the engagement ring. If not, to keep it in budget, you may have to settle for something simple until there’s more money for something else.

Transportation — 1%: limo for bride and groom, limo for bridal party, transportation for out-of-town guests, valet and misc.






Take your own car, carpool, caravan, whatever.

UGH! Budget breakdown is OVER!! Finally! I like money, but I hate talking about financial limitations.

Now, we can finally get into real, fun things!