Halloween Bride

I love Halloween! I get scared easily, but no self respecting Misfits fan would be anything other than enthusiastic for October 31st. There were several times, during the planning of our wedding, that I wistfully talked about a Halloween wedding. But, since my friends already joke that I’m goth, that would have been opening myself up to more ridicule than I would like.

When I was a kid, I hated the color orange so much, I used to tell my mom I was allergic to it. No, you’ll find no orange in my Halloween wedding. I prefer a lacier Halloween. A sexier Halloween. I’m not talking slutty werewolves, or whatever. I mean, seductive, Victorian tinged Halloween.

An ivory dress with black trim, black lace and ribbon hung as decor, black and mercury candle holders, a ruffled bolero jacket, a bouquet of purple anemones, fiddlehead ferns and peacock feathers, and an invitation that gives your guests an indication of the spooky fun they’re about to encounter. The cloche jar centerpieces could be easily replicated with different lids, bowls and vases, it’s one of my favorite non-floral centerpieces.

And of course, a sequined and glittered mask. Give those out as favors, and your guests will really get into the Halloween spirit. Plus, who doesn’t feel a little bit sexier when they’re wearing a mask? Nobody will be anonymous, but it will be a little edgier. Probably not masked-sex-party edgy, but that’s ok. For now. We can plan that party another time. We’re going to need sexual oils and whatnot for that.

So, that’s my first inspiration board! What do you guys think?

Dress by Jenny Packham

Cloche Jar by Laura Fulmine

Silver Glitter Mask by Mardi Gras Day

Garlands via City Sage

Ballroom invitation by The White Aisle

Bouquet via The Knot

Candles by Furnish

Bolero by maryandangelika

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