She works hard for the money!

An extra special, ultra huge congratulations for our friend, supporter, and photographer-at-large, Jennifer Williams, on the opening of her studio this past weekend!

Jen is an amazing artist with an interesting and creative eye. She’s insanely talented and passionate about what she does, and it shows in every photograph she takes. We loved working with her and her team during our wedding and the months leading up to it. She was over and above anything we ever expected! And when the wedding was over, we hadn’t lost a photographer, we gained a friend. *sniff* Awwww!!

She has a camera. She will travel. She will make you look beautiful.

You should book her now, before she REALLY blows up, and you can’t afford her.

Photo: Jennifer Williams

*She’s not paying me for this or anything. We’re just incredibly happy for her, and we want to spread her good news!