Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorry!! I am the worst. The man and I have been passing a cold back and forth to each other since last week. Such is the beauty of married life, I suppose. Someone is always breathing in your face, and you’re always breathing in theirs. It isn’t as sexy as it sounds. I mean, sometimes it is. But, not in this case. In this case, it’s disgusting.

I don’t have much today. My brain is pretty much fried from our one-two punch of Western medicine and homeopathic hopefulness. I do have some things I just couldn’t not tell you about.

Gilt Groupe has some amazing events going on right now:

– One of the best skincare lines around, Clarins. Sale ends 11/07, 9:00 PM PST.

– StriVectin! Sale ends 11/05, 9:00 AM PDT.

– Aaaand…the holy freaking grail of sales…SPANX! Sale ends 11/06, 9:00 AM PDT.

– Also, an Alexander McQueen sale. Which falls outside of our budget conscious situation, but fuck. It’s McQueen. This houndstooth cape/coat is McQueen, it’s included in the sale, and it is practically murdering me, it’s so TO DIE. McQueen is dead. Long live McQueen! Sale ends 11/06, 9:00 AM PDT.

Gilt is an invitation only site. As usual, I have an invite code. Just click this link, sign up and shop away! As a bonus, when you join Gilt, you also get access to Jetsetter, their travel sale site. Jetsetter has some great deals on luxury hotels and resorts. Helloooooo honeymoon! As a double bonus (!!!!) when you first sign up, you’re invited to their “It’s Good to be New” sale that’s full of shoes and bags and jewelry! Oh my! GIMME DAT MARC JACOBS!! GIMME DEM PAUL AND JOE SISTER BAGS!!

HauteLook doesn’t have much today. EXCEPT…..

Amrita Singh Jewelry!

Vilma Necklace – $48!!

Francis Earrings – $39!!

Beyonce Bangle Set – $24! Pssst! Bridesmaid gift!

I could really go on and on posting pictures of the jewelry from this event. Loads of statement pieces and bridesmaid worthy gifts. It’s worth signing up for HauteLook just to check out this sale. It’s making me sad I’m so broke right now. I mean, look at these earrings…

Lula Earrings – $29! Soooo Edie Sedgwick. Fab.

This sale ends 11/08, at 6:00 AM PST. Here’s your HauteLook invitation link! Please buy me those earrings.

I’m working on a couple different things besides letting you know what’s going on during these sale events. I’m always welcome to suggestions though! In fact, my cold addled brain would love them right now. You’re more than welcome to leave comments, or you can email me at sarah[at]something-bold dot com. I’d love to hear your questions and suggestions!

Today is a good day for deals. I don’t know why, the moon must be in a sexy money saving cycle.


Paper Culture – Choice of any $50 worth of cards on Paper Culture’s site for $20. This includes Save the Dates and Thank You cards!
Suzi Chin Dresses – Definite potential rehearsal, bridesmaid or mother dresses
URBAN DECAY COSMETICS!!! – Fabulous makeup for your gorgeous face!

    All of these sales end on Thursday, 11/04/10. So, act fast! HauteLook is a members only site, but I have an invitation code for you! Just follow this link, sign up and shop!

    David’s Bridal is getting ready for their $99 sale, 11/05-11/22. All dresses that aren’t on sale for $99, are on sale for $50-$300 off. Even if it means dealing with David’s Bridal, it’s a good chance to get your dress for a better price.

    Alfred Angelo is having their Dash Down the Aisle event on 11/09 and 11/10. It’s in store only, but they have an easy pull down menu to find a store near you.

    Pantone’s Fashion Color Report  Spring 2011 is GORG! Pantone’s Color Reports are a really great resource if you’re trying to pick colors and shades. Could you imagine the dreamy wedding that is Lavender, Silvery Peony and Silver Cloud? Or the candy colored party of Honeysuckle, Peapod and Blue Curacao? Beautiful!

    You could almost pick any combination of colors and end up with something fabulous.

    I love colors! Aren’t they fun?!



    I’m not gone, and this blog is not forgotten! I’m down with the sickness, and trying to recover before Halloween parties this weekend. I do not want to miss the opportunity to get my drink and dance on with all my costumed friends.

    Plus, I’m trying to get the hang of inspiration boards. I think I’ve almost got it. Once I pull the switch on these Frankenstein images, WATCH OUT!

    Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow with the Halloween themed wedding I’m working on. Just barely in time.

    OK. So that post about the Save the Date was sort of lame. I mean, the video is cute, but the post itself was lame. To make it up to you, I have some super sexy sale items to show you.

    HauteLook has gorgeous ADIA KIBUR jewelry on sale right now. Statement jewelry, large stones, interesting mixes of metals and finishes. Lots of beautiful pieces for beautiful brides! Like this bracelet:

    HauteLook is a members only shopping site, and this particular jewelry sale goes away on 10/27, but I have an invitation code for you! Just sign up and get shopping!

    The White Aisle is currently offering 50% off raised ink invitations and 10% off letterpress invitations through 11/30, 50% off all 2010 Do It Yourself invitations and free ground shipping on orders over $200. We bought our invitations from them, and they weren’t the cheapest option, but they were a lot cheaper than a lot of other invites I looked at. I loved our invitations, when I found them, I knew they would be the perfect first impression of our wedding.

    The White Aisle is a small company, and they were really great to work with. They were in contact with us through every step of the process, and were able to design and word our reply cards exactly how we wanted. I can definitely recommend them. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy letterpressed invitations, even at a discount they’re crazy expensive for a piece of paper that will get lost, shuffled in with bills, maybe stuck to the fridge, and then ultimately thrown out. We went with flat printing on gold paper, and they looked amazing. I never missed the raised letters.

    This isn’t a sale item in a traditional sense. But, $495 is pretty good for a wedding dress. And, this UH-MAZING ombre Betsey Johnson strapless gown would be an insanely memorable and stylish way to spend $495. I would freak out to see someone wearing this as a wedding dress.

    Seriously. Freak. The. Fuck. Out. Could you imagine?

    Does it make you dizzy to score something fabulous at killer price? Me too! Did you get a tingle from these deals like I did? You did!? I knew we were meant to be. Oooh, baby…I promise to keep giving you what you need. All cheap and chic like Moschino, all the time!

    Let’s FRENCH on a pile of saved money!

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